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Mr. Tricky Tray said…
Happy New Year !

Way over due for a new chapter....but most important
Time to Vote For the Best Tricky Tray of 2017.

Click on Link below to vote. 1 vote only. Don't jeapordize your vote by using various emails..they will match up by IP and all will be voided.


Have a great year!

Mr. Tricky Tray
Tony Cappello said…
Is it just me, or does it seem there are fewer tricky trays this year? Last year I was attending 1 or 2 per week, and this year there are long stretches between events. Have they slowed down, or are people just not advertising them as much?
Anonymous said…
January is always slow...they are starting to show up March to May the busy months and Sept to November...Keep checking TrickyTray.com...new events being posted daily.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tricky Tray Friends!! Question for you all - is there a "rule" that says you cannot have lottery scratch off tickets as a prize? I have heard various things on this topic but have seen these prizes at almost all of them. Just want to be sure we don't break any rules :-)
NJCherryGirl said…
Hi Everyone! Its me Julie (NJCHERRYGIRL - Over the Rainbow, Triple Crown Tricky Tray) and I am back now organizing the Take Me Out to the Ballgame Tricky Tray happening on May 19, 2018. Its been a minute since I did my last one and wanted to see what has changed or improved over the last 2 years.

We will only have room for 200 guests, as it is being held at our high school and are shooting for 250 prizes to keep it fair and people feel like they have a chance. We will have enough volunteers selling tickets for different levels all around the room so there is no crowding at any one section. We have consecutive numbers of tickets and only one color for each level - including 50/50. I call quickly, no prize description or donated by - that is what the program is for and keep comments to a minimum. I think one short 5 - 10 minute break is sufficient and have volunteers walking around selling 50/50s in case you don't want to get up.
We will have other fun ways to win $$ & gift cards because we believe that is what people like best and regardless of where you come from you can always use a Visa type gift card.
What are some other suggestions or requests avid TTers have ?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said…
Attended the Belleville Little League last night, & I must say a little unorganized. They ran out of value packs 5 min after we arrived. We arrived at 6 which that was when the doors opened. When you say your going to start in 5 min don’t take a half an hour when everyone was sitting already. If you’re going to call the numbers 3 times then throw out the number then say new number, pull a new number then the person for the previous number you called says.. that was my number you should not give them the prize ( that’s not fair). It was long & drawn out for no reason at all.
Anonymous said…
I am curious why kids under 16 are not allowed to attend tricky trays. Is this a local PTA rule or a NJ legal rule? The kids are asked to donate money for the tricky tray per class but they can't attend. Seems a bit unfair.
Melissa said…
What are some great themes for Tricky Trays you like? And what are the best prizes? Newbie here and want to make it the best night ever
Tony Cappello said…
A tricky tray is gambling, so under NJ State Law no one under 18 allowed. It's the same as a bingo hall. Many tricky trays do have lottery tickets, but they are not allowed under NJ gaming laws, since you cannot gamble on a chance to gamble. The gray area to get around the law is to have a lottery apron or hat, since the prize is the apron or the hat, and the lottery tickets just happen to be attached. If there are any alcohol bottles at the tricky tray they must have a sign stating the winner must be 21 or older. The state has been sending secret inspectors out quite a bit lately, and if you are in violation your license could be suspended.

I went to the Sussex Votech tricky tray last night (05/04/18) and I must say, it was not as smooth as it has been in the past. The prizes were great and the 1st level had many that were not the usual fair you see around. The problem stemmed from it being very overcrowded and extremely hot in the building. It was very difficult to drop tickets and move around. The callers were excellent and moved through gifts quickly, but the attendees were not helpful if they won. Many would just raise their hand and not make noise making it difficult to identify them and the runners were often confused about where to go. I'm not sure I will go back to the spring one here since it was very uncomfortable. The fall one is a must.
Nikolay Sal said…
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Anonymous said…
I attended the "A Night at the Jersey Shore' tricky tray on June 28th at the Fiesta in Woodbridge. This was their first tricky tray and it will be the last one I will attend.

There was NO air conditioning in the room on a 90+ degree day, the prizes were mediocre at best. I won something for my daughter - a subscription - and they didn't include the code in my certificate so I could claim it. I tried following up with 2 different people at Family Concepts to try and claim my prize. I'm still waiting. I finally contacted the company directly who immediately gave me my magazine subscription and even extended it by another year.

I spent over $140 on tickets at this waste of time tricky tray and I don't even get the decency of a response after following up? I will not be returning.
Anonymous said…
Question to the Tricky Tray people out there????
Have you ever had the attendees sign a media waiver in order to attend your event? Has any one ever been challenged or had issue with using pictures of the event on websites or in advertising?
Anonymous said…
I have a question. I thought that altering the raffle/prize tickets was wrong. I heard that it was against the rules to write on, stick address label, fold, bend, or crinkle tickets. All forms of alterations to the ticket. I went to a tricky tray recently, their practice is to write numbers on the sheet entry ticket and give you a "paddle" with your number to raise. However, people who bought tickets then wrote the paddle number on the tickets, both sheet and roll. Using a ball point pen would put indentations of the ticket, like adding an address label would present a "ridge". Both actions would make the ticket feel "different". At this TT, 75% of the tickets drawn / prizes won went to "paddle numbers"/altered tickets. Is this methodology in compliance with the letter of and the spirit of the raffle/tricky tray license?
Anonymous said…
Was this event in NJ?
Mr. Tricky Tray said…
2018 is Over, But There Is One Last Thing To Do..


Wishing You All a fun & safe Tricky Tray Year !

Mr. Tricky Tray

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