Sunday, September 18, 2011

About That Tricky Tray.. I Just Want To Say_Chapter 15 (Closed)

Use This Post To "Speak Your Mind" About A Tricky Tray or Anything Related To A Tricky Tray. Tell us about the Grand Prize You Just Won or How You Haven't Won A Thing 10 Tricky Trays Straight. Just Click On The comment link below and start typing away. personal attacks will be tolerated.


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Mr. Tricky Tray said...

I am cleaning them up now even though the blog has caught alot of spam already. If it becomes a problem consistently in future, I will have to elimnate post as anonymous..but you can still post with a made up registered name that would be anonymous too. Let's see. Happy New Year to all..I should be posting voting link for best Tricky Tray of 2011 by Jan 1 also

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