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Anonymous said…
Went to St. Joe's Oradell and it was FANTASTIC!! As always! Prizes were top-notch and wrapped beautifully. The event went off on schedule and they enforced all the rules. We were out by 10:30.

EXCELLENT, and will go back every year!

Very organized and well-run. The TT team works together and is very helpful to the guests.

There's just one thing I think they can add and that would be a high-level ticket package. Have a "Ticket Package Special" the night of the event and include just Level 3, Grand prize tickets and maybe Lottery Board tickets. Instead of us spending another $10 for 3 tickets have a $50 package and everyone would spend $50 or maybe even $100!
Mr. Tricky Tray said…
It's Official..The Results for The Best Tricky of 2013 as well as Top 10 are in.....

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Anonymous said…
A very big THANK YOU to all that attended Friday nights 2nd Annual Michaels Miracles "Believe in Miracles" Tricky Tray at the Manville VFW. We were sold out before we opened the doors. What a terrific night it was, and we appreciate all the support we received from all our attendees, sponsors, donors and volunteer.

We did have a few problems which was very upsetting and we will address this next year. For some reason some of our guests thought it was ok to help themselves to items that were won by others and too large to deliver to the tables. This will be monitored very closely next year and if you were one of those people - shame on you! To those that had their prize "stolen" - I apologize and my heartfelt regrets go out to you.

When all is said and done, again thank you for all that attended. You really did help us "Believe in Miracles"
Edna Geary - Event Coordinator
Anonymous said…
Hi organizers..came across this link..maybe can be of help.
TOPIC: 2014 Ultimate Donation List

Anonymous said…
I attended the Immaculate Conception tricky tray in Vernon last night. All of the prizes were really nice; no junk here! But, the prices were steep! $15 a sheet for prizes valued at $50 - $100. The calling was quick, but when a prize was unclaimed, it was put to the side????? They also had good food for sale as well as beer and wine. Not sure I'll go back.
Anonymous said…
Has anyone else has a problem with USED items they won? I know most of the items are donations, and thats fine, but i am sick and tired of opening my beautiful basket and seeing the junk inside! items that are faded/discolored boxes because they are so old. Or my basket of kid items just won a few weeks ago. The book was ripped and tape shut, the play mat had a stain/rip.

Yes, they are donations, but if i am spending $100 plus, then the items should be new! If you want to use used items, then have a garage sale.
Anonymous said…
Attended Tricky Tray this evening. The prizes were a lot to the imagination. They hardly had any gift cards. But my main worry was that my friend bought about 6 Grand prize tickets $5 each and she put them in three different prizes out of 6. She won a prize that she didn't put in! They had containers with no lids and people thru out night were sticking their hands in containers??? I was putting my tickets in grand prize bucket and noticed woman dumping out all tickets from prize #6 Kindle and I told person who was selling that level what was happening? She sat looking at me? I told her she could loose her license by allowing people to empty tickets out that other participants put in. She got up told lady put tickets back . Either the person switched buckets or put the tickets back in wrong bucket. Tricky tray organizers need to have containers with lids, and watch out what is going on !!!
Anonymous said…
What is everyones take on used prizes? I know that 75% of the prizes at a TT are usually from donations. Mostly pulled from closets or even bought second hand. Which is fine, if still new in package.

But i am talking about a used item. My example is a kids play rug back in the original packaging but was ripped/slight stain. Then 2 books, 1 was ripped/tapped and one was bent pages.

I spent over 100 on tickets/food/drinks/entrance and almost every one of the prizes won was used!
Anonymous said…
TTs should never have used items, not ever. If you have used items have a yard sale! Most of our items for our TT are donated. We always specify new/unused items. Everyone once in a while we do get stuff donated that has been used. They all go into the yard sale pile. People pay money to win new stuff. Period. End of story.
Anonymous said…
HI all,

Went to a tricky tray last night in Budd Lake , NJ.
There was presales for $10 and if you paid at the door , it was $15.
That was fine, however the presale tickets were substantially larger than the tickets purchased at the door. They were also made of a thicker paper. This , I believe , created a large advantage to those who paid in presales. It also became evident as the night went on , because the larger tickets were called 90 % of the time. I believe this was grossly unfair to all those people who paid at the door. Not only did they have to pay $5 more, but they got the smaller tickets. When someone was asked if they realized this, they just answered that they ran out of the other tickets. Fund raisers should be handled much better than this. They probably should have "sold out " this particular TT. Very disappointed . These people should be reported to the gaming commission. And maybe they will be.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
In reference to Budd Lake..please identify the tricky tray so they will think twice next time. Though probably because of disorganized organizers they ran out of tickets..they created the atmosphere for fraud. If the tickets are not the size then no one can be assured of a random selection. Cheat-fraud what ever you want to call it. Same goes for just dumping container/not dumping container without shaking and mixing up.
Anonymous said…
I attended the tricky tray at the Lawrence Brook School in East Brunswick. I just find it funny that when they have a super 50/50 they have someone affiliated with the school/tricky tray pick the winner and it just happens to be that person who wins $900plus. I mean does anyone else think this is a problem when this happens??
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